Products & Services Oct 02, 2020

Icelandair Announces New Partnership with easyJet

Icelandair is joining the Worldwide by easyJet platform

In September, Icelandair, Iceland’s largest airline, announced a new partnership agreement with British airline group, easyJet, to join its Worldwide by easyJet platform. Worldwide by easyJet makes booking flights to far away destinations accessible on one platform. This service will be available throughout major European airports for travelers to enjoy the benefit of stress-free flight connections at any Icelandair or easyJet hub airport. 

Through this partnership, travelers will have the opportunity to fly Icelandair to any easyJet hub airport and connect onwards to the next easyJet route network. Travelers will have the same ability to fly easyJet anywhere that Icelandair flies and continue their journey onwards with Icelandair.

For example this allows travelers to fly from Iceland to Amsterdam with Icelandair, then to Rome with easyJet! Or, from Edinburgh to Iceland with easyJet then onwards with Icelandair to one of our North American destinations. The possibilities are endless! 

Joining forces with the Worldwide by easyJet platform also includes coverage for travelers via Dohop Connect protection. If there is ever a missed connection, delayed flight, or anything that would disrupt a traveler’s Worldwide travel itinerary; Dophop ensures that they arrive at their final destination.

Although travel has greatly changed over the last couple of months, this partnership offers a great advantage for the future when the time is right for you to embark on your next adventure. 

What new Worldwide by easyJet destination would you like to travel to next? Let us know in the comments below!