News Jan 23, 2020

Icelandair and JetBlue Renew Agreement and Strengthen Partnership

Both airlines can now sell and issue airline tickets with each other

On January 7, 2020, Icelandair and JetBlue agreed to renew a partnership that strengthens the relationship between both brands; the agreement allows both airlines to sell and issue airline tickets with each other.

With this refreshed partnership, Icelandair customers can purchase a ticket from Iceland to a number of JetBlue’s destinations in the US, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Additionally, JetBlue customers can purchase tickets to Iceland and many of Icelandair’s destinations in Europe. This provides endless travel opportunities for customers!

Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO of Icelandair, said, “The partnership with JetBlue is part of offering a wider range of services and enhancing comfort for our customers. By connecting our route systems, we can offer our customers greater choice when it comes to connections in the US and the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America. In addition, JetBlue customers can take advantage of Icelandair’s connections to Iceland and our destinations in Europe in a simple way.”

Since 2011, there has been an agreement between Icelandair and JetBlue, and this latest partnership will be in effect through 2024. The airlines also offer customers the opportunity to collect loyalty points from both companies, making the experience that much sweeter! 

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