News Oct 31, 2011

Iceland is the Top Destination in 2012

Every year, Lonely Planet announces a city and country as the top destination. Lonely Planet decided that this year would be different, and turned it over to its readers to decide.

The winner, by substantial margins, is Iceland! And to make it even sweeter, Reykjavik was also named the top city. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Here is what some of Lonely Planet’s readers said about Iceland:

‘Incredibly friendly, amazingly beautiful and one hell of a good time. Bars followed by geothermal hot springs.’

‘It has so much on offer, and so untouched compared to some parts of Europe.’

‘The nightlife is legendary and the numerous coffee houses and small museums are all situated within walking distance in the downtown area. For people who want to escape the hustle-and-bustle of city life, major natural attractions (like the Golden Circle route and the volcanic Reykjanes Peninsula) are as close as a 45 minute bus or car ride from the city centre. The city has also invested in cultural attractions, like the new Harpa concert and conference centre, and a number of new hotels and hostels. Location helps too: it’s just a 5 hour flight from NYC and 3 hours from London.’

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