Food & Drink Mar 27, 2013

The Iceland Symphony Orchestra Plans an Exceptional Performance at the Harpa

To celebrate EVE Online’s 10th anniversary, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra has added a special presentation to their list of performances at the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center on April 24, 2013. This special presentation consists of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra recreating the harmonic music of EVE Online as a way to kickstart the EVE Fanfest. EVE Online is the famous virtual universe developed by Iceland’s own CCP Games. Click here for more information on how to purchase tickets to the 10th anniversary performance.

The original Eve Music was composed by Jon Hallur Haraldsson (aka RealX) and is described as a type of “80’s synth ambient music.” Moreover, the Eve music has become a staple for symphony orchestras.

The Eve Symphony includes 10 of the most well-known Eve tracks, such as “Stellar Shadows” and “Surplus of Rare Artifacts,” both of which are arranged by composer Kristjan Guojonnsson.

Founded in 1950, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra has distinguished itself as one of the leading Nordic orchestras through its numerous well-received performances and recordings in various parts of the world. Not only will this be the first time the Eve music is performed by an orchestra, but also, this will be the first time that the Iceland Symphony Orchestra will play music directly from a video game.
Conductor Guðni Franzson will be directing the 10th anniversary performance. Franzon currently conducts a several orchestras on a regular basis, all of which will be extremely helpful in bringing the Eve Symphony to life.

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