News Aug 12, 2011

Iceland in Reuters Travel Picks

It’s summer holidays and that means university students around the world are working and traveling for adventure and experience. In the spirit of youthful exploration online travel adviser ( offers its top 10 year-round list of destinations for scholars on a budget.

10. Iceland

June, July and August are fabulous months to visit Iceland because the weather is great – mild and comfortable. Summer is tourist season, so if you’re looking for peace and quiet, this may not be for you. Iceland has much to offer, especially if you’re the outdoors type. Go ice climbing or glacier hiking, as well as regular hiking – though be warned: that’s no easy task in this mountainous terrain. If you want to relax more than anything, Iceland has warm water pools in every town that’ll help ease your stress. Make sure you bring an eye-mask; it doesn’t actually get dark during the summer in Iceland.

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