Products & Services Jul 02, 2014

Iceland Naturally Welcomes New Member, Ölgerðin

Iceland's oldest running brewery is now a part of Iceland Naturally!

Iceland Naturally would like to give a warm welcome to our newest member, Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson!

Established in Reykjavik in 1913, Ölgerðin is Iceland’s oldest running brewery. The company’s first products were beers but it has since gained a reputation as the producer of a wide range of high-quality drinks and has won numerous awards, including gold medals in the World Beer Cup and the World Beer Awards.

Ölgerðin also owns Borg Brugghús, a craft brewery located in Reykjavik. Named after the birthplace of Egill Skallagrímsson, a poet, farmer and vicious viking, Borg Brugghús has won several international awards since its establishment in 2010. The brewery’s goal is to build and maintain a diverse and progressive craft beer scene in Iceland by developing new brews using local ingredients and cultural inspiration. Borg Brugghús’s portfolio of beers has been well received by avid beer aficionados and continues to grow.

Ölgerðin beverages include Brennivín, the original spirit of Iceland (available in select locations in the U.S. and Canada), and several Borg Brugghús beers: Gull (available in Alberta), Bríó (available in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario), Garún Nr.19 (available in the U.S.) and Fenrir Nr.26 (coming soon to the U.S.).

Stay tuned for more news about Ölgerðin’s Icelandic beer and drinks on!