News May 03, 2014

Iceland Naturally Contests

Everything you need to know about Iceland Naturally’s contest guidelines.

Confused by the fact that our contests are limited to individuals who live in North America? You’re not alone! Many of our fans have reached out to us with this question, and we would love to explain why this is the case.

Although we would love to make our contests available to our wonderful fans worldwide, it is simply not within Iceland Naturally’s function to do so. Iceland Naturally is a cooperative marketing organization comprised of top Iceland brands that receives a grant from the Icelandic government to promote the tourism, services, products and culture of Iceland specifically to a North American audience. Because of the nature of our organization, we are not able to extend our contests to individuals outside of North America.

The good news? Iceland Naturally is still a fantastic resource on Iceland no matter where you’re from! Although only North American citizens can participate in our contests, Iceland Naturally still provides a wide range of content that can help fans to engage with Icelandic culture in a meaningful way.

However, if you are located elsewhere and want access to some exciting contests as well, Inspired By Iceland is an excellent resource for those in the UK. Inspired by Iceland offers plenty of helpful information on travel to Iceland and regularly runs campaigns, promotions and contests.

We hope this helps to clear things up! Thank you for your continued support and interest in all things Iceland!