Business & Government Oct 17, 2012

Iceland Grows as a Tourism Hot Spot

Have you traveled to Iceland yet? If you have, you’re in good company – with Iceland’s population at 320,000 residents, tourists to Iceland now more than double the number of locals! Iceland is known for its breathtaking nature, rugged landscape, and unique culture, and is proving to be a year-round traveler’s paradise, particularly with tourists from the United States.

Keflavik International Airport experienced a record-breaking summer in passenger volume this year – up 9% from 2011. The trend continues with an expected 19.8% increase by year’s end, with the total traffic reaching 2.4 million passengers in 2012. 

Tourism is now the third highest yielding industry in Iceland, helping to rebuild the Icelandic economy after the 2008 banking collapse.

To accommodate the increase in tourism to Iceland, airline operators are ramping up their winter schedules and preparing for flight increases for next summer. Icelandair expects to see an increase in passengers during the winter season from Anchorage, Alaska and Denver, Colorado, and will increase flights in the coming year by 15%.

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