Food & Drink May 09, 2012

Iceland Featured on The Martha Stewart Show

On today’s episode of “The Martha Stewart Show,” Martha transported her audience on a journey to Iceland through regional recipes and specialty products. 

The show featured a cooking segment, as Martha made a rich chocolate souffle with the Icelandic first lady, Dorrit Moussaleff, using an assortment of Iceland’s prized ingredients. Chef Gunnar Gislason of Dill Restaurant cooked an Icelandic catfish and sea-salted hazelnuts.

Martha Stewart introduced her audience to the majestic Icelandic horses, wowing the crowd with her horse riding skills. Martha’s neighbor and horse trainer Nicki Esdorn, a guest during this segment, shared interesting facts about Iceland’s beloved horses.

Giveaways from the Icelandic episode included a 66 North bag, Skyr and butter (Icelandic dairy products sold at Whole Food Markets) and an Iceland trip with Icelandair.

Some of Martha’s favorite Icelandic finds are Reyka Vodka, Egils Gull beer from Olgerd Egils Skallagrimssonar, Icelandic Cod and Saltverk Reykjaness salt.

To learn more about the recipes, products, and “The Iceland Show” episode, click here.