Music & Art Feb 14, 2019

Iceland: The Country That Never Stops Reading

Icelanders are on a continuous search for their next book!

Iceland is known for its creativity and production of unique and successful music, art and of course, literature. Icelandic literature has gained immense popularity across the globe in the past decade and has been translated into multiple languages, including English, Italian, Norwegian and more. It’s no surprise that Iceland is among the top literate nations and is continuously expanding their literary horizons!

To gain a comprehensive consensus on just how many Icelanders read, the Icelandic Literature Center surveyed Icelanders and their opinions on literature. The Icelandic Literature Center is a government-funded office dedicated to raising awareness of Icelandic literature in Iceland and abroad. The Center supports Icelandic translation in literature and the advancement of the literary culture in Iceland. They regularly promote book fairs, literary festivals and awards geared towards highlighting literary culture.

The survey analyzed men and women of different ages and inquired where they turn to for literature recommendations, how recently they had read or listened to a book, and whether or not they believe in governmental support for literature.

The survey results revealed that women read more than men (by a book and a half!), and that the majority of respondents had listened to or read a book in the past 30 days. The survey also found that women and individuals ages 18-24 are the largest groups in favor of government support.

Over half of Icelanders rely on their friends and family to find their next book suggestion, but media coverage, social media, bookstores, and libraries also have a substantial impact on their literary choices. They also turn to online bookstores, influencers and book clubs. Overall, Icelanders have perfected their process when it comes to choosing their next book!

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