Business & Government Jan 22, 2016

Iceland Could Be the First Country to Completely Close its Gender Gap

The country is currently at 87% gender equality, and it’s increasing at a steady rate.

The rest of the world knows Iceland is one of the top countries for gender equality – the country has topped the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report for the last six years. But now, executives of the WEF’s gender equality campaign say the country could be first ever to close its gender gap completely.

Currently, Iceland has closed 87% of its gender gap, a number derived from equal gender participation in politics, education, health, economic participation and more. The Icelandic head of state has been female for 20 out of the last 50 years, and women are equally well-represented across other areas of Icelandic politics. The country also closed its education and health gender gaps several years ago.

Where Iceland really stands out is in economic participation. In such a small country, human capital can be hard to come by. The country has always encouraged citizens to strive for an equal balance between social and familial obligations and their ability to work. Iceland prioritizes fairness and economic participation, which ensures both genders are receiving equal treatment. As a result, almost all Icelanders contribute their talents to the country’s economy.