News May 26, 2014

Iceland Celebrates Annual Sjómannadagur Holiday

Dedicated to Iceland’s seamen, Sjómannadagur – otherwise known as the Festival of the Sea –  is an annual holiday that commemorates Iceland’s seafaring culture and sailors. This year is an extra special celebration of Sjómannadagur, as it’s the 100th anniversary of Reykjavík’s harbour in addition to the 75th anniversary of the first fisherman’s celebration in Reykjavik.

Traditionally taking place on the first Sunday in June, this year Sjómannadagur will take place from June 1st to 2nd.

The sea and its sailors are a vital part of Icelandic culture and every year all of the ships in Iceland remain in the harbour over the weekend while the sailors have the day off to take part in the festivities.

This festival includes a fun weekend of fish, games, demonstrations and music. Additionally, there will be strongman competitions, rowing challenges, rescue demonstrations and airplane stunts. For the family there are fun activities, games and performances as well as discounts on puffin and whale watching.

Happy Sjómannadagur to all of Iceland’s sailors!