Nature & Environment Apr 28, 2014

Iceland Cave Proposal

Photographer Katherine Loveless spent about a year in Iceland to complete her work on a photo journal titled “A Year In Fire And Ice.” Katherine’s boyfriend Rúrik Karl Björnsso, also a photographer, took her on a trip to an Icelandic ice cave. The adventure took a surprising turn when Bjornson got down on one knee and proposed “amid one of the more mysterious and gorgeous engagement settings we’ve ever seen,” wrote the Huffington Post.


The ice caves of Vatnajokull in south Iceland, sometimes called Crystal Caves, are a truly mesmerizing wonder of nature. The weather and sun, with its damaging UV rays, transform the outer surface of glacial ice into whitish ice. But underneath the glacier you can find it’s true beauty. As he glaciers travel and wind their way down slopes or mountain ridges, trapped air bubbles are squeezed out. This causes the size of ice crystals to increase, making it clear.

Click here to see a slideshow of this stunning ice cave proposal! The New York Post recently published a slideshow of beautifully blue photos from inside the ice caves as well.