Products & Services Sep 20, 2012

Iceland by Another Name

In late August, Inspired by Iceland asked Facebook fans, “What would you name Iceland if this was your first glimpse? ____?” Within three weeks, more than 10,000 people responded, persuading the country to extend the question to natives and travelers as part of the “Iceland by Another Name” campaign. The proposed names will be used in an upcoming promotional campaign for Iceland that will market areas including Denmark, the west coast of Norway, Munich and Frankfurt of Germany, and Seattle, Washington in the U.S. Just 24 hours after the campaign’s announcement, it had reached an estimated 14.2 million travelers.

Upon entering, you are immediately exposed to hundreds of entries from people around the world. Bright colors, creative names, and a true love for the country can be seen throughout. When making your own poster, you are able to upload a picture, add text, preview and finally publish. You can also submit your name suggestion at the Keflavik airport where a naming booth has been set up for travelers. One German visitor’s entry has already been selected for the campaign: “Iceland is my LandOfEndlessSkyLand.”

Click here to view current submissions.