Nature & Environment Jan 15, 2015

Iceland at a Glance

The Boston Globe’s must-see spots and more.

Whether you decide to visit Iceland to see the northern lights, hike the Skogar to Thorsmork trail, or simply admire the landscape and culture, the land of ice and fire does not disappoint. Traveling to Iceland has never been easier: Icelandair offers several flights departing daily from major cities in the United States. On average, one-way trips start at just $400-$500 (depending on the time of year) and flights from New York City are just 5 hours.

The Boston Globe recently visited Iceland and this is what they had to say about this Nordic island:

What to do If Reykjavik is your destination, make sure to take a bus tour of the Golden Circle to see the Gullfoss waterfall, Strokkur, Geysir and Shaklholt Church. Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s geothermal spa and the country’s most popular tourist destination, is also an option for those that want a more relaxing trip. With many luxurious amenities, the Blue Lagoon offers all types of spa services from in-water massages to volcano facials. If you are seeking something a bit more adventurous to do in Iceland, the trail from Skogar to Thorsmork is a great option. The trail takes 1-2 days and allows you to challenge yourself physically while enjoying Iceland’s breathtaking landscape and countless waterfalls.

Reykjvaik City, Iceland’s Colorful Capital – For those who intend on spending more time in the capital and do not care to wander too far, staying at a nice hotel is essential. The Kvosin Hotel is a stylish boutique hotel ideally located in the center of downtown Reykjavik. Nearby attractions include: The National Museum, the Saga Museum, the Kringlan shopping mall, the upmarket Eggert at Skólavördustígur 38, and local restaurants, like Restaurant Kol which offers superb craft cocktails and modern Icelandic comfort foods.

Northern Lights – Seeing the Northern Lights requires a lot of patience. It may take a couple of attempts to actually see this spectacle, but the hours spent waiting and trying to catch a glimpse of the light show only serve to make the experience more fulfilling. When you do see the lights, do not try to capture them on camera; just enjoy the sight! If you are staying in Reykjavik, the most popular option is to see the lights by sea, but since boats often get cancelled due to bad weather, your safest bet is to see them from a bus tour. The bus tour takes about 45 minutes and will take you to a town called Eyrarbakki.

With countless attractions and beautiful sights, visiting Iceland should certainly be on your bucket list. Click here for more travel information and click here to see special travel deals from Icelandair today.