News May 23, 2011

ICCT Kvennahlaup 2011

Kvennahlaup, Icelandic Women’s Run is a 22 year old tradition in Iceland that in recent years has been held in Icelandic communities in North America. Women of Icelandic descent, and those who have connections to them or want to support them are encouraged to come out and walk for exercise and companionship.

Come and join us on Saturday, June 4th, at 10 a.m. Walk or run with friends on a 5 km route through scenic High Park. We will meet just inside the park gates near the parking lot on Bloor Street at High Park Avenue. Get off the Bloor subway at High Park station and head east along Bloor to the gate. After the run we will meet at the park restaurant for lunch.

Registration is $20.00 which includes the official Kvennahlaup T-shirt from Iceland. Any proceeds will be donated to the ICCT. To register, contact Phyllis Pollard 416 987-0738 or Kara Schuster

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