News Feb 22, 2012

The Huffington Post is Inspired by Iceland!

Rupert Murray, Huffington Post reporter, has arrived in Iceland to “capture the spirit of a nation”. Here is an excerpt from his visit so far:

“This morning I drove along a windswept peninsular to meet with the Minister for Tourism, Energy and Industry to have a footbath by the sea. I didn’t realise what was so special about a footbath in driving rain until I felt the water and it was about 35 degrees Centigrade. This was a very pleasant contrast to the water hitting my face a right angles which was about five degrees ambient, hovering about zero when you factored in windchill.

The minister’s rather extensive remit would probably exclude any events like this happening in an averaged-sized country but here, where the population is only 318,000, she was as welcoming and relaxed as, well, all ministers everywhere should be. I tried to make a rather weak and cheesy comparison between the warmth emanating from the ground and the warmth in Icelander hearts but it was deftly swatted aside by the minister. Must try harder to create decent analogies, but actually it could work very well as a visual leitmotif. Better shown than told.

We began to worry that no one would turn up because of the conditions (It had been good weather the previous couple of days) but soon enough a game Aussie called Robert arrived on his bike. ‘Let’s have a footbath then’ he said, gamely. Everyone hopped in a very small nondescript rockpool, buffeted by what felt like gale force winds and began enjoying an experience it is safe to say you could only enjoy here. No one else would be mad enough to try.”

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