Nature & Environment Feb 26, 2021

How to Plan for your Icelandic Vacation When the Time’s Right

From Summer to Winter and everything in between, Iceland is the destination for you!

Iceland is a beautiful vacation destination no matter the season. However, there are specific times of year that are more suited for certain activities than others. While international travel isn’t recommended yet due to the pandemic, this is a great time to plan a future visit to Iceland. Here are a few popular activities and the best time of the year to experience them.

If you dream of road tripping along Iceland’s Ring Road, then summer is the best time for you! The 822-mile road circles the entire country and is one of the best ways to view all of Iceland. From waterfalls and black sand beaches on the South Coast, to Reykjavík and the Blue Lagoon in the north, you can access all of it from the Ring Road.

If you want to see Réttir, the annual Icelandic sheep round-up, September is a great time to travel to Iceland. Réttir is the nationwide round-up of thousands of sheep – an endeavor that can take days at a time. Following the round-up is a great country party with friends, family and guests alike listening to music and picnicking.

If you want to witness the Northern Lights, plan your visit for October through March. The Northern lights require darker skies, so the winter nights make the perfect background. The Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, cover the night sky in an array of greens and blues and can only be seen far from city lights.

There are so many activities to be done and sights to be seen in Iceland that no matter what time of year you plan, your vacation is guaranteed to be spectacular. The best way to get to Iceland? Icelandair! Icelandair is a leading airline with direct flights to Iceland from most major metropolitan cities in North America. With safe, reliable flights and exceptional service, Icelandair is the finest way to travel to Iceland.

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