Products & Services Jun 23, 2020

How Lighting Is Strategically Used At Blue Lagoon

Learn how lighting designers integrated lights with The Retreats’ natural surroundings.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland is a spa carved strategically into the volcanic earth. It features sixty-two elegant guest suites surrounded by the mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon, and a restaurant with a stunning view of the moss-covered landscape.

Iceland’s Liska, a lighting and electrical design studio and Italy’s iGuzzini, a company that produces intelligent lighting systems for interiors and exteriors, came together to establish the principles and techniques that created the Retreat’s lighting design. 

The Retreat’s three components – the hotel, the spa, and the lagoon – each have their own unique lighting requirements, but the lighting design was unified by a common goal: to preserve the enchantments of Iceland’s natural light while creating artificial light that is energizing, relaxing, and engaging for the guests. Light, even the absence of light, becomes a revitalizing experience. This approach to lighting design is known as “human centric lighting.”

Five types of lighting were deployed to fulfill the promise of human centric lighting:

The principles guiding the installation of the types of lighting at The Retreat were: 

As the Retreat took shape at Blue Lagoon Iceland, the principles and techniques defined by Liska and iGuzzini turned the idea of human centric lighting into a reality. Ultimately, the modes and methods the Retreat has adopted have contributed to an extraordinary experience of wellbeing in the heart of an often dark and harsh environment.