Business & Government Mar 21, 2016

How Iceland is Succeeding in the Tech Industry

Iceland is one of the highest ranked countries for digital competitiveness.

Iceland obtained the first international data connection in 1906 and has been working tirelessly ever since to become the world’s top location for data centers. The movement to bring data centers to Iceland has been spearheaded by Landsvirkjun, the national power company. Due to the naturally cool climate, there is no need for extensive mechanical cooling equipment – typically the largest expense for data centers.

A data center is a space where companies can remotely store its IT infrastructure and equipment. Think of it as a large room with thousands of servers and computers that hold company data. Many companies, including Apple and Facebook, have shown interest in Iceland’s data centers because of the reduced costs compared to US and UK-based data centers.

Landsvirkjun recently published a report on International Data Connectivity in Iceland. Check it out below and learn why Iceland is primed to become the world’s best data center location!