Nature & Environment Jul 02, 2019

Hike the Stuðlagil Canyon, Iceland’s Beautiful Basalt Formation!

The canyon follows the glacial river Jökulsá á Dal and leads to scenic views.

Iceland’s Stuðlagil Canyon is the nation’s largest collection of natural basalt columns, which are made up of volcanic rock. One of Iceland’s hidden gems, the canyon is located off the beaten path in East Iceland and is the perfect scenic activity for both locals and visitors!  

The Stuðlagil Canyon attracts adventurous travelers due to the stunning five-mile hike to the canyon and incredible views. The trek features a flowing basalt waterfall, Stuðlafoss, and ends with views that one hiker noted are simply “indescribable.” Most hikers and tour guides recommend you follow the designated trailhead to reach your end destination. 

Not only do the unique rock formations make for picturesque views, but the flowing river that forms the canyon’s boundaries, Jökulsá á Dal, is also historically important. Historians claim that the river was once so difficult to cross that it completely cut off communication between neighboring communities. However, a man-made reservoir lowered the water levels of the Jökulsá á Dal, and revealed the natural basalt formations. 

If you’re thinking of traveling off the beaten path and hiking the Stuðlagil Canyon, the prime months to visit are between July and April. And if you’ve been to the Stuðlagil Canyon before, let us know what you thought by commenting or tweeting us!