News Jun 30, 2018

Highlights From Team Iceland’s World Cup Run

Celebrate Team Iceland and look back on their exciting games and celebrations.

Iceland, the smallest country to ever earn a spot in the World Cup, competed in some extraordinary games in this year’s tournament! It was so exciting to watch and cheer on Team Iceland during their Group D matches.

Iceland shocked the world by tying their first game with Argentina. Incredibly, 99.6% of Iceland’s  population watched the game on TV, making it one of the most-watched sporting events in Iceland’s history! Next up, Iceland went head to head with Nigeria in a tense game that kept everyone’s attention. Fans of Team Iceland cheered on the team with their famous Thunder Clap heard throughout the stadium. Finally, Iceland ended their World Cup journey after a nail biting game against Croatia, where Sigurdsson scored a penalty kick. While Iceland didn’t advance to the next round, Icelanders and international supporters alike are thrilled with Team Iceland’s historical effort!

“I hope Icelanders are proud of us. It was great just being in the Group D at the World Cup,” said Aron Einar Gunnarsson, Iceland’s team captain.

Team Iceland fans came together from all over North America to celebrate the World Cup with specialty gear, drinks, and parties! Check out some of the activities that were dedicated to Team Iceland:

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