Products & Services Mar 26, 2014

HEILD: Experience Iceland Like Never Before

After more than three years of filming and editing, Icelandic filmmaker Petur K. Gudmundsson has completed Iceland’s first full-feature, non-narrative film. HEILD presents Iceland in a way that has never been seen before, featuring 70 minutes of stunning cinematography and original music. The film excludes narration and instead allows the Icelandic scenery to tell the story. Viewers are taken on an exploration of some of Iceland’s most well-known locations, as well as its little-known hidden places.

“Heild” translates to “entirety” or “totality” in Icelandic; a fitting title for a film that seems to capture the entire country of Iceland in a little over an hour. The film highlights all aspects of Iceland’s diverse and unique natural landscapes, as well as its nation and culture. From the glowing Northern Lights to the unique people of Reykjavik, HEILD truly explores all things Icelandic. Produced by TrailerParkStudios, HEILD is set to release on April 4 in select cinemas in Iceland, then globally at a variety of film festivals.

Want to catch a glimpse of HEILD? Click here to watch the trailer!

Learn more about the film and read an announcement from the filmmaker here.