Food & Drink Dec 30, 2015

The Hard Rock Cafe Returns to Iceland!

The world-famous restaurant is set to open in Reykjavik in Jan. 2016.

After a ten year absence, world-famous Hard Rock Cafe will return to Iceland in January 2016. Located  in downtown Reykjavik, the restaurant will call Lækjargata 2A its new home.

The world’s first Hard Rock Cafe opened in London in 1971, with Iceland’s inaugural location opening shortly thereafter in 1987. The original location, located in the Kringlan Mall, closed its doors in May 2005. Iceland’s new location will be opened by investor and restaurateur Birgir Bielvedt, who owns Icelandic franchises of both Joe and the Juice and Domino’s.

Bielvedt believes a Hard Rock Cafe will be an ideal fit for the city’s restaurant scene, but wanted to find the right location and timing for the opening. Lækjargata 2A, which currently houses Iða and Café Mezzo, closed over the New Years holiday so the Hard Rock Cafe can begin taking over the space. Though the property is currently being cleared out, it may be a few days into January 2016 before the new restaurant opens.

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