News Mar 22, 2011

Guy Maddin Premieres Re-Imagining of his 1988 Cult Film ‘Tales from the Gimli Hospital’

“The movie Tales from the Gimli Hospital is always framed as a bedtime story, or a fairytale. And one thing that I always thought, with those spaces, was that it would have been nice to put bookplate illustrations, like in a children’s book, on either side of the moving picture,” Maddin said.

“Those will be live images. Sometimes it will be of the foley artists themselves, sometimes the orchestra. But sometimes it will be fished trapped in fish nets, or sexy little nudes.” If you’ve seen Maddin’s darkly irreverent, arty films, you’ll know how fitting that is with his aesthetic.

This world premiere will include music peformed by members of amiina.

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