Nature & Environment Jul 02, 2014

GrindTV Goes on an Icelandic Adventure

Although Iceland is known as a winter wonderland, GrindTV explores the other sides of its natural beauty.

Despite its icy name, there is more to Iceland than its glacial formations and frozen rivers. Home to some of the most diverse terrain in the world, the island is full of interesting places to explore and people to meet.

GrindTV recently took a trip to the land of ice and fire and captured some beautiful photos of the country’s famous landscapes, as well as as a few shots of the people and food. “Don’t overlook this tiny island nation on your next adventure,” GrindTV wrote.

GrindTV also pointed out that one of Iceland’s most breathtaking views can be seen from Hallgrímskirkja, the largest church in Reykjavik. From its location atop the highest point in the capitol, visitors can peer out the windows of Hallgrímskirkja to see the city skyline with billowing mountains as the backdrop. At $6.00, a trip to Hallgrímskirkja is also an affordable excursion for travelers on a budget.

Although the Island’s stark beauty may make it seem mysteriously elusive, it is surprisingly accessible through a number of major North American cities, including New York, Boston, D.C., Toronto and Vancouver. Once known as a layover spot for travellers on their way to Europe, Iceland has surely outgrown this reputation and become a sought-after destination itself.

For those familiar with Iceland and its people, it is no surprise that the island nation is beginning to appeal to more travellers each year. The population of Iceland is small and welcoming and is the draw for many visitors looking to escape the impersonal nature of urban centers. According to GrindTV, the Icelandic population numbers around 300,000 people, and is known for its hospitality rooted in Scandinavian and British culture.

Iceland is a perfect destination for visitors who love the ocean and the sense of community that it nurtures. Iceland has never strayed far from its roots in the sea, and its people continue to express their passion for their roots by savoring specialty seafood and wearing Merino wool sweaters.