Nature & Environment Dec 21, 2020

Go on a Joyscroll with Inspired by Iceland!

Take a break from online negativity with this fun, new, interactive experience aimed at spreading positivity.

Did you know that on average every day, we scroll through 22.7m (74.5ft) of bad news? That’s a long way to go to end up in a grumpy mood! As a part of a new campaign aimed at fighting the phenomenon of “doomscrolling” and spreading positivity online, Inspired by Iceland has introduced a new way to scroll:!

This fun, interactive website takes visitors through 22.7m of joyful content, including soothing Icelandic streams, majestic beings, celestial scenes, music performances and more! From a peaceful scene at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, to a powerful video of horses galloping through the Icelandic countryside, Joyscroll offers visitors a moment of relaxation and a place to escape negative content online. Identified by dictionaries around the world as one of the ‘words of the year,’ doomscrolling isn’t helping our wellbeing. The more you scroll, the more negative news you consume and the more negativity you internalize.

Luckily, Icelanders are known for finding joy amidst the darkness. Iceland receives only 5 hours of daylight during the darkest months of December and January, and Icelanders know how to find light, positivity and joy through the long, dark winter months. And now, Icelanders are bringing that same positivity online to help interrupt the seemingly never-ending stream of negativity on social media by inviting the world to engage with positive and inspiring Icelandic images.

It has never been more important to adopt positive scrolling habits as we look toward next year, and Inspired by Iceland is here to help you kick off 2021 by consuming content wisely and joyfully.

Try out “joyscrolling” here and let us know what your favorite scene was in the comments!