Products & Services Jan 14, 2021

Give Your Skin a Fresh Start This New Year

Transform your skin with Blue Lagoon’s natural products

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a natural wonder with stunning blue and geothermal heated waters . Not only is Blue Lagoon popular for its unique beauty and calming waters, but it’s also well known for the high end, pure skincare products it offers. 

The minerals found within Blue Lagoon have incredible natural ingredients and advantages for skin, including microalgae and silica. Microalgae is packed with skin repairing nutrients, and silica is a versatile ingredient that strengthens skin’s barrier. Blue Lagoon has specialized products to treat different skin issues or skin types. The products range from face masks and oils to lip balms and more. These high quality products are dermatologist tested. 

Check out a few products to transform your skin this new year below:

Infused with Blue Lagoon sea water, the Mineral Mask is rich in over 20 electrolytes with revitalizing skin qualities. This powerful mask soothes and calms complexions and can be used on all skin types. The mask is extremely helpful for dehydrated skin, as the minerals replenish lost moisture into the skin. The Mineral Mask is a staple for any skin care routine!

The Algae Bioactive Concentrate Face Oil is a natural face oil with potent ingredients to help enhance skin radiance. This product is perfect for anyone with dull skin or an uneven complexion. The face oil contains microalgae from the Blue Lagoon that is a powerhouse nutrient and antioxidant. Anyone can benefit from the powers of the Algae Bioactive Concentrate Face Oil.

For those concerned about aging skin, the Rich Rejuvenating Cream is a facial cream that counteracts the skin’s aging process with both microalgae and silica. Packed with nourishing antioxidants, the cream helps restore skin’s collagen levels and prevent aging. The cream is a daily moisturizer that can be gently massaged into the skin for a relaxing skin care moment.

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, there is no better time to refresh your skin care routine. Check out Blue Lagoon’s full skin care line here, and let us know which product you’re most looking forward to trying in the new year on Twitter