Nature & Environment Feb 24, 2021

Get to Know Grundarfjörður!

Learn more about the activities and sights to see in this unique Icelandic town.

Have you ever traveled to the picturesque Icelandic town of Grundarfjörður? Located right next to Kirkjufell mountain, it offers beautiful views, superb restaurants, and much more. Read on to learn more about Grundarfjörður and all that it has to offer.

Mount Kirkjufell

Mount Kirkjufell is the most famous landmark of Grundarfjörður. In Icelandic, Kirkjufell means “church mountain,” and refers to its majestic size, iconic shape, and the freestanding form of the mountain. It is visible from all angles in town and is the ideal place to enjoy the amazing light during sunset.

Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall

Within walking distance from Kirkjufell, you find the beautiful waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss. This small but beautiful series of waterfalls is just 2.5 kilometers west of Grundafjörður, and is one of the most popular spots for a photo opp while visiting the town!

Grundarfjörður Harbor

The harbor is the district’s lifeline and one of the 10 largest harbors in the country. Visitors are recommended to follow the footpath along the shore to enjoy the famous Mt. Kirkjufell from a different perspective and to breathe the fresh, crisp ocean air. Keep an eye out for an information board depicting a timeline of the harbor and its functions as well as some interesting stone sculptures from local artist, Liston.

Lúðvík Karlsson – the Folk Artist Liston 

Lúðvík Karlsson, with the nickname Liston (‘List’ means art in Icelandic), is a local folk artist. About 25 of his interesting stone sculptures are on display all over town. He also has a workshop and gallery in Sólvellir 6 and visitors are welcome. At the workshop, visitors can browse his artwork, watch him work, purchase special souvenirs. 

Orca Sculpture by Unnsteinn Guðmundsson 

In 2016, a life-sized model of an orca was erected in the center of Grundarfjörður in Paimpol Park. This piece of art by Unnsteinn Guðmundsson is modeled after a special male orca named “Thunderstorm” that often visits the Snæfellsnes peninsula with his family. Snæfellsnes is the only area in Iceland where orcas are seen regularly, and this sculpture raises awareness of these fascinating animals.  

Check out even more Grundarfjörður attractions on the town’s website.