Nature & Environment Nov 04, 2020

Get to know Blue Lagoon’s new Algae Bioactive Concentrate!

Read on to learn what makes Blue Lagoon’s skin care line so special.

From face masks and lip balms to exfoliators and emulsions, Blue Lagoon’s skin care line has something for everyone! Blue Lagoon skin care utilizes the bioactive elements of Blue Lagoon’s geothermal water and silica to create a refreshing, healing experience for your skin. 

Best selling products from Blue Lagoon’s skin care line include the Silica Mud Mask, the Softening Treatment, and their brand new Algae Bioactive Concentrate! Featuring a powerhouse of restorative nutrients and vitamins, Blue Lagoon’s Algae Bioactive Concentrate is formulated with Blue Lagoon Microalgae to nourish the skin and reduce signs of aging. Native to the Blue Lagoon ecosystem in Iceland, the patented blue-green microalgae stimulates, preserves, and protects skin’s collagen level, and is harvested from a sustainable geothermal source! This product is suitable for anyone over 25, and helps enhance radiance, smooth the skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Silica Mud Mask is a purifying, deep cleansing face mask that leaves skin feeling fresh and clear. This iconic mask is rich in both bioactive Blue Lagoon silica, which draws out impurities as it deep-cleanses, and Blue Lagoon seawater, a precious source of various electrolytes that’s renowned for promoting and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. This “reset facial” is ideal for all skin types and perfect for the first step in your spa routine at home.

The Softening Treatment also uses Blue Lagoon Silica to improve skin barrier function and help the skin better retain moisture. In its natural mud form, silica has deep-cleansing and purifying clay properties that draw out skin impurities and pollutants – the Softening Treatment uses this to strengthen and protect the skin. This treatment for dry and sensitive skin is comprised of Silica Bath Oil, which helps nourish and strengthen the skin barrier, and Mineral Intensive Cream, which seals in moisture and replenishes skin. These two ingredients are incredibly soothing for the skin, and are even used at the Blue Lagoon Medical Clinic in Iceland! 

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