Food & Drink Feb 12, 2013

Food & Fun Festival 2013: A Battle of Extraordinary Culinary Talents

For the 12th consecutive year, the annual Food & Fun Festival will take place in Reykjavik from February 27th to March 3rd.
The Food & Fun Festival is an event that brings together an assortment of dazzling culinary skills, fresh natural ingredients, Icelandic outdoor adventures, and last but not least, Reykjavik’s world-renowned nightlife for a weekend celebrating Icelandic cuisine and entertainment.
The main attraction of the festival features distinguished chefs joining forces with Reykjavik’s finest restaurants. Each chef is appointed to one of the participating restaurants where they are given the task of preparing a special meal that consists of solely Icelandic ingredients. This menu is showcased at all of the restaurants for the entire week, and as a bonus, the chefs are also present at the restaurants during the week of the festival.
An additional element of the festival is the chef competition, which occurs on the final day of the festival. All of the chefs compete by creating three courses, which of course, are only made with Icelandic ingredients.
These exceptional chefs hail from all over the globe to participate in the Food & Fun Festival competition, with the majority of them coming from America, Europe and Scandinavia. The winner of the competition will be awarded the prized title as “Food & Fun Chef of the Year,” an incredible honor within the culinary community.
With all this culinary excitement just weeks away, don’t miss out on the Food & Fun Festival! Click here for additional information, or here to book your trip to Reykjavik.