Music & Art Apr 28, 2014

Extreme Surfing in Iceland

Daily Mail Online detailed the journey of 5 friends who traveled 2,000 miles to Iceland in search of massive waves. The surfers drove 10 days through snow and ice in 28°F weather to reach Akureyri in the north of Iceland. Jagermeister documented their travels in order to create this 60 second advertisement for their “It Runs Deep” campaign.

Once the group arrived at their destination, they surfed between icebergs and snow drifts to catch the perfect wave. Among the travelers was award winning professional surfer Ben Skinner who said “we had a blast traveling around Iceland on what was an amazing road trip… We had a van, five close mates and a blank canvas to find the best waves in some pretty spectacular surroundings!”

The group even had to get out and push their van up a snowy slope at one point, which is depicted in the video. “We’ve all been to some exotic and far flung places together to catch the survey but this has to be up there as one of the most interesting places to explore,” Skinner added.

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