Nature & Environment Dec 27, 2019

Explore the Icy Northern Shores of Tröllaskagi!

Follow along as photographer Benjamin Hardman travels into the subarctic North.

Tröllaskagi, known as the “Troll Peninsula” in English, is situated high up in the Subarctic North of Iceland. Photographer Ben Hardman and his friends took an incredible road trip around the peninsula, exploring this winter wonderland perfect for adventurous spirits. Read on to follow along on his journey.

Tröllaskagi Cliff Mountain Photography

After making their way up from Reykjavík, their first stop was in Akureyri for some skiing on the slopes of Hlíðarfjall at one of Iceland’s best ski resorts. After the brief ski detour, they rode up the west side of the peninsula, through Dalvík and Ólafsfjörður before reaching Siglufjörður. Visiting these quaint towns gave them a unique perspective on local Icelandic culture. From local coffee houses to relaxing swimming pools, each town had something special to offer. 

Their trip culminated in a hike on the coast, leading to the northern tip of the peninsula. A trek through the snow and up to a viewpoint rewards travelers with breathtaking, endless views of the blue Arctic Ocean. The next land past those deep arctic waters is the remote northwestern tip of Greenland, and beyond that, the North Pole. 

Tröllaskagi Arctic Photography

Benjamin Hardman describes his experience on the winding fjords, dramatic sea cliffs and snow-covered mountains as stepping into “what feels like a distant frozen world, with hues of blue and white in all directions.” To learn more about Benjamin and his travels, be sure to check out his Instagram!

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