Music & Art Nature & Environment Sep 28, 2015

Experience Iceland’s Natural Wonders with “Images of Iceland”

Elisabetta Rosso’s stunning Icelandic photo collection is arriving this October!

This October, landscape photographer Elisabetta Rosso plans to reveal the raw beauty of Iceland with the release of her book Elements: Images of Iceland. It’s an enigmatic collection of photographs that range from the quietly beautiful to the jaw-droppingly powerful. She aims to convey the country through her own personal lens. She describes Iceland as a “living and breathing land, where elements combine sometimes with violence, sometimes with an unexpected sweetness.” It’s a great introduction for those who are unfamiliar with Iceland’s magnificent nature, and for those who know it already, it’s a chance to view it in a new light.

She separates her book into four categories based on the four natural elements that Iceland encompasses:

Fire: that spreads out from the underground, but also the amazing Northern Lights, that from the Sun come to life. Earth: with her shades of carbon black or vivid green. Air: a paradise for Icelandic birds and the place where Iceland’s famous weather oddities take place. Water: in all its forms, from steam to ice; ice that is here in Iceland is the main actor in any seasons with an amazing variety of colours and shapes.”

To partake in this feast for the eyes, look out for Elisabetta’s “Elements” coming October 19th. Learn more at her website and watch the video below for firsthand insight into the making of the book: