Products & Services Jun 24, 2013

Experience Iceland at Keflavík International Airport: Duty Free Icelandic Products, Food, and Art

Whether it’s the first thing you see, or you final memory leaving Iceland, KEF’s undeniable Icelandic atmosphere will make your travelling experience more memorable.  What d’ya mean ‘Icelandic atmosphere’ in an airport, you say? Well, in KEF’s Duty Free shopping area and Leifur Eiríkssonterminal, there’s plenty of Icelandic-ness for your senses to enjoy.

While you’re waiting for you flight, there are a variety of Icelandic delicacies to try… some more adventurous than others. For example, Icelandic flatbread with smoked lamb and horseradish; Icelandic pylsur (hotdogs) with three types of sauce and two types of onions; Skyr, the famous dairy-based yogurt; and boiled sheep’s head.

If instead of trying authentic Icelandic food you’d like to shop, the KEF Duty Free area sells all the latest electronic products. You can also pick up cosmetics made from the purest Icelandic-glacial water, silica, and algae.

But most importantly, KEF offers Icelandic-made products and one-of-a-kind items as unique as Iceland itself.  Available in the Duty Free area you can find everything from novelty Iceland underwear to high-end Icelandic-design jewelry and crafts.

Feeling thirsty? KEF’s Duty Free area gives you the opportunity to purchase Icelandic soft-drinks, kókómjólk, and alcoholic beverages, including Brennivín, an unsweetened schnapps known as ‘black death’. Fancy a snack? You can also purchase Icelandic sweets, chocolate and baked goods for your journey home.

The weather in Iceland can be brutal, so if there’s one thing Icelanders know how to design better than anyone else in the world, it’s outdoor clothing. Icelanders understand that water-resistant jackets and thermal vests are vital pieces of clothing. Handmade Icelandic-wool sweaters (lopapeysas) are probably the most-famous exports from Iceland, and are popular amongst Icelandophiles (lovers of Iceland). Known for their comfort and striking designs, lopapeysas are perfect souvenirs for the whole family, as well as Iceland-wool mittens, hats, and scarves – all of which are available at unbeatable prices at KEF’s Duty Free area.

You may have noticed the incredible artwork at the Keflavík Airport. KEF is proud to exhibit pieces inspired by the Icelandic landscape and spirit. One such installation can be found right before departures, titled Áttir (Directions).  The four cardinal points of the compass are represented by four aluminum human-like figures placed on top of columnar basalt plinths. The piece, by Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir, allows people to stand in the middle of it and experience the installation by becoming its central focus. In fact, Þórarinsdóttir’s statues can be found in Reykjavík, Hafnarfjörður, Grundarfjörður, Akureyri, and Ísafjörður – so in essence, the piece brings different parts of Iceland together at the airport.

Keflavík International Airport was voted as the best small airport in Europe by an extensive airport service survey conducted by the Airports Council International.

As part of the survey, participants answered questions about the quality of more than 36 aspects of service, such as helpfulness and courtesy of staff, ease of flight connections, cleanliness, check-in times, and overall customer satisfaction – just so you know that you’re in good hands… good Icelandic hands.