Nature & Environment May 27, 2016

Experience Blue Lagoon in the Light of the Midnight Sun

From June 1st - August 21st, Blue Lagoon will be open until midnight.

A few months ago, it was announced that Blue Lagoon completed the first phase of its latest expansion, growing by half, to 8,700 sq. meters. For the summer of 2016, Blue Lagoon’s hours will also be extended to enable visitors to enjoy the peaceful waters late into the evening.

From June 1st – August 21st, visitors can relax in the lagoon’s healing and soothing waters until midnight. During the summer months, when the sun never sets, the lagoon and its surrounding volcanic landscapes are always visible under the warm glow of the sun’s endless light.

In Iceland, from late May to August the sun barely touches the horizon before rising again. This natural phenomenon is known as the “midnight sun.” Extended periods of daylight enable tourists to visit more of the sights on their Iceland bucket list!

Will you be visiting Iceland & Blue Lagoon during the Midnight Sun season? Visit Blue Lagoon’s website to plan your visit in advance!