Food & Drink Nov 18, 2014

Enjoy Traditional Icelandic Christmas Food at Home

Canadians should place their orders before November 25 to take advantage of this deal., makers of Vinarterta, “the delicious striped Icelandic cake,” are offering a special Christmas deal! Canadians who place their orders before November 25 can receive Rullupylsa and Hangikjot, traditional Icelandic Christmas foods, in time for the holidays!

Hangikjot, smoked lamb leg, is a traditional festive food in Iceland served at Christmas. The Icelandic lamb is usually boiled and served either hot or cold in slices, traditionally with potatoes in bechamel sauce and green peas, or in thin slices on bread such as laufabread. Canadians can order this treat from uncooked for $29.99 / KG, or cooked for $37.99 / KG.

Rullupylsa, another Icelandic Christmas food, is rolled, spiced and cured lamb shoulder. The cooking process takes a few days to complete. is offering this delicacy for 29.99 /KG.

Have a sweet tooth? Add some Vinarterta to your request by emailing your complete order Vinarterta is a distinctively different striped cake handmade with seven thin fragrant vanilla sugar cookies thickly filled with cardamom flavored dried plums, then iced with pure vanilla and almond-flavored butter cream.

Those who live locally can pick up their orders on December 8 at Morningside High Park Presbyterian Church at 4 Morningside Avenue in Toronto. Otherwise, shipping is guaranteed to those in Ontario and other Canadian destinations are possible upon request.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Hangikjot and Rullupylsa or never before tried these yummy Icelandic dishes, now is your chance!