Nature & Environment Sep 23, 2014

Enjoy Iceland’s Blue Lagoon at Home With Their Skin Care Line

Soak up Blue Lagoon's natural benefits with their refreshing skin care products.

One of Iceland’s most popular attractions is the Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal spa located in southwest Iceland. Rich in minerals like silica and sulfur, Blue Lagoon’s waters provide a relaxing and enriching retreat for visitors. Researchers and scientists at Blue Lagoon have developed a high-quality line of skin care products, perfect for travelers looking to bring home the benefits of the warm blue water.

Blue Lagoon’s geothermal seawater travels from over 6,500 feet below the earth’s surface, absorbing nutrients from the nourishing silica, algae and minerals found in Iceland’s sedimentary rocks. For many years, Blue Lagoon’s expert scientists have engaged in countless hours of research and development to produce the high-quality products available today. The patented and proprietary ingredients are extracted from the geothermal seawater using sustainable and eco-friendly methods. The products strengthen the protective layer of the skin and serve as your gateway to timeless beauty, harmony and wellness.

In honor of their robust product line, Blue Lagoon has released this mesmerizing video that perfectly captures the essence of their skin care line. The theme of the video,“Beauty Comes From Within,” is closely aligned with Blue Lagoon’s products that are comprised of elements harnessed from deep within the earth. From gel cleansers to anti-aging creams and rich moisturizers, Blue Lagoon’s skin care line has something for everyone. Shop all of Blue Lagoon’s products here.