Products & Services Aug 20, 2014

DKMA Presents 10 Things it Loves About Keflavik Airport

The research firm recognized Keflavik as a world leader in passenger satisfaction.

DKMA, an independent research organization that provides market research to airports looking to improve passenger satisfaction, recently published a best practices report and included 10 things that they love about Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport. The company’s best practices reports highlight examples from airports that they believe are leaders in service and what an outstanding airport experience looks like.

International travel can be an exhausting experience, but Keflavik Airport’s design aesthetic is welcoming, relaxing, and overall enjoyable. Keflavik Airport has also received recognition from the Airports Council International, where it was named one of the top airports in the world.  Striving to provide travellers unique and enjoyable experiences, the airport unveiled a dynamic art display of Icelandic products and improved the free wireless internet.

DKMA’s complete list of airport highlights can be found below.

  1. The airport is consistently clean, tidy and well maintained

  2. The abundance of natural light gives the airport a quiet and airy atmosphere

  3. Gate signage is large and simple making it easy to see from a distance

  4. General directional signage is simple and stands out clearly from the background

  5. Advertising is positioned so as not to interfere with passengers’ navigation of the airport

  6. The ambience of the airport is welcoming and makes guests happy to spend time there

  7. Wooden flooring gives the airport a warm, elegant feeling

  8. Tasteful art displays reinforce the feeling of being in a high-class environment

  9. Restrooms are elegant and are kept spotlessly clean

  10. Play areas for children give the airport a warm, inviting feeling

If you want to experience the greatness of Keflavik Airport for yourself, be sure to book your trip to Iceland from any of Icelandair‘s North American hubs.