News Jul 20, 2012

‘Days of Gray’ Indie Film To Shoot In Iceland

Celebrities like Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck are not the only ones causing a stir there this summer – the all-female independent production company Bicephaly Pictures has arrived and are in pre-production for their very first feature film.

The film, Days of Gray, is about a 12-year-old boy living in a post-apocalyptic world divided in two by a wall. One side inhabits those who suffer from animal style mutations. The other side, where they boy lives, the people are terrified to an obsessive level of becoming infected themselves. The story unfolds as the protagonist meets a girl from the animal world who has mutations herself. Sounds like a crazy plot line; even crazier is that this film is silent, in terms of dialogue. Accompanying scenes of the beautiful Icelandic landscape will be the orchestral pop band Hjaltalín, which hails from Iceland as well.

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