Nature & Environment Sep 01, 2017

Copia de Iceland

Guest post by Betsy García Gómez

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I’m from Puerto Rico and never thought to visit Iceland. However, some friends/colleagues invited me to join them on their trip to Iceland. Nine months before departing, we had fun buying the proper attire for colder temperatures since none of us have been anywhere with a temperature below 60 degrees!  

Finally, on December 26th, 2016 we left Puerto Rico and after a layover in New York, we boarded our flight to Iceland. We arrived early in the morning and decided to take a flybus directly to Hafnarjardour Hotel and then started to walk against the strong wind in the dark with our luggage and backpacks to the apartment that we reserved on Airbnb. Our host was very friendly, and the apartment was very comfortable, located in a great area.

Later, we took the bus to Reykjavik to walk the streets, visit the Hallgrímskirkja church, taste the lovely coffee and chocolate at Eldur & ís, and dine at Bjarni Fel Sportsbar. While visiting the top of the church, it began snowning and the city looked beautiful. During the week, we toured the amazing Golden Circle and visited the hot springs. We also took a tour featuring waterfalls and the northern lights. Renting a car was an amazing idea; we were able to see so much of the country and even extended our rental a few more days to go to the black beach and see the waterfalls in the south.  

We had planned to visit the Blue Lagoon, but once we arrived the tickets were sold out. To our surprise we saw another hot pool located nearby on our map! The hot pool was like a spa night;the staff was very friendly and the place was wonderful.

Later in our trip we stopped in a place between mountains just because we thought that was a great place to see the aurora, and we will never forget how beautiful they were! On the Farewell Year night, we saw the most wonderful northern lights! They were dancing over our heads and growing to give us a spectacular moment. We got to the apartment that night and cooked dinner while we watched the fireworks. I must say, at home in Puerto Rico I never looked at fireworks because I was afraid of them, but I stood outside in the backyard below the amazing fireworks in Reykjavik, watching them without being scared and enjoying it.

We went to a national history museum in Reykjavik. I love museums so I was fascinated with the history and all the memorabilia that they had there. That museum very big and I learned so much more than what I can read in a history book. Another place we visited was the Lava tour and it was spectacular! I love science and I’m a little claustrophobic, but I went inside to enjoy the journey. We finished the trip with another dip in the warm pools. We were sad to see our trip come to an end and I would have happily stayed for a few more days!

See you soon Iceland!