Music & Art Nov 17, 2013

CNN: Spotlight on Iceland – November 2013

Learn how to be 'cool' in Reykjavik, what Iceland knows about elves, & more from CNN.

CNN is featuring several articles spotlighting Iceland this month, ranging from “11 of Reykjavik’s coolest bars” to “How to be a Reykjaviker: 8 ways to be cool in Iceland.”

According to CNN, visitors can easily fit in while walking around downtown Reykjavik so long as they can cultivate a love for wool sweaters, beer and fermented shark meat. Click here to see their other tips on how to be a Reykjaviker.

Another article delves deep into Reykjavik’s Elf School, spilling the secrets of Iceland’s elves, dwarves, fairies and trolls. Known locally as Huldufólk, which translates as Hidden Folk or Hidden People, a recent folkloric study found that 56% of Icelanders at least believed the Huldufólk might exist. Click here to read more about Iceland’s hidden people.

Round out your research on Reykjavik with a simple list of 11 of the city’s best bars. Iceland’s capital has a vibrant nightlife full of bars and beer halls that stay open into the wee hours of the morning. Click here to see which bars to check on your next visit!