News Oct 21, 2012

Christmas in Iceland

Icelandic Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Iceland is a fantastic experience, as the country is known for its unique holiday traditions. The country has 13 Santa Clauses, known as “Yuletide Lads” or “jólasveinar” in Icelandic. The Yuletide Lads come to town one-by-one bearing gifts, candy, and sometimes pranks. The first jólasveinar arrives 13 days before Christmas and one follows each day leading up to December 25. After Christmas, one leaves each day, making the Icelandic Christmas season last a full 26 days.

Another special Icelandic tradition if for children to place a shoe in their window from December 12 until Christmas Eve. Children who have been “good” receive a gift from one of the Santas; children who have been bad receive a potato.

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Christmas in Reykjavik

After being nominated by CNN as one of the five most interesting Christmas destinations for two years in a row, Reykjavik continues to focus on its renowned Christmas heritage. This year, Visit Reykjavik is taking the Christmas City’s holiday preparations a step further in collaboration with various partners around Reykjavik.

Visitors can enjoy the Christmas Valley, Christmas Island, Christmas Market, Christmas Kitchen and numerous other festive experiences. Reykjavik will feature holiday cuisine, horseback riding, sailing, singing, shopping, entertainment, education, and all sorts of other cultural experiences to enhance the city’s Christmas atmosphere.

Reykjavik is also known for its Icelandic Christmas Creatures, seven characters hidden around the city centre as an annual tradition. Reykjavik’s annual holiday cheer has established the city as a premier destination for Christmas festivities.

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