News Jun 26, 2012

Celebrate Reykjavik Gay Pride August 7 – 12!

Reykjavik Gay Pride has become one of the biggest festivals in Iceland, with almost one third of Icelanders showing up for the main event, the Saturday gay parade and outdoor concert. This year Reykjavik Gay Pride kicks off August 7th, and for six days Reykjavik becomes the world´s “queerest” capital (as well as the world´s northernmost one). The gay scene in Iceland is active, open, and the country as a whole is a gay-friendly destination.

Reykjavik’s Gay Pride is celebrated with lots of color and music – parades, theater shows, outdoor festivals, parties, and other performances can be enjoyed throughout the city of Reykjavik. Whether you visit Iceland’s biggest GLBT party by yourself, or with friends and family, let the Icelandic capital sweep you away with the celebrations.

Here are some of the highlights of the Reykjavik Gay Pride schedule:

Wednesday, August 8 – British comedian Zoe Lyons at 9 PM

Thursday, August 9 – Reykjavik Gay Pirde Opening Ceremony at 8 PM. Features a concert with Icelandic and international artists, among performers, BETTY from the United States.

Friday, August 10 – Queer Cruise from the Reykjavik old harbor at 10 PM

Saturday, August 11 – Queer Pride Parade at 12 PM

Sunday, August 12 – Rainbow Family Festival at 2:30 PM.

For the full schedule of events, click here.