News Jan 03, 2012

In case you missed it…

Thousands join in the celebration on New Year’s Eve with the livestream of the firework celebration in Reykjavik. If you missed it – watch the video here and share it with your friends!

New Year’s Eve in Iceland is a spectacular celebration. Festivities traditionally start with a family dinner, followed by bonfires (brenna), where family, friends and neighbors gather to enjoy the warm fire and celebrate with music. According to Icelandic folklore, there are several magical traditions that are supposed to happen on New Year’s Eve: cows are thought to be able to talk, seals take on human form, the dead rise from their graves and elves move from one house to the next.

At midnight, a brilliant display of fireworks was  unleashed. Iceland does not have restrictions on fireworks that many other countries do, so the entire population of Reykjavik, approximately 200,000 people, creates their own fireworks show. After midnight, the nightclubs and pubs were open for business, and the celebration lasted well into the morning.