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Capture the Perfect Photos of Iceland on an Adventurous Photo Safari

Get the perfect lighting, location & photograph on an Icelandic PicTours photography tour.

There’s almost no place better than Iceland to take a beautiful photograph. From National Geographic to fashion shoots for Moncler, Iceland has become the muse of many photographers this year. If you’re a photography enthusiast (beginner or expert), or perhaps you’d just like great pictures for your Facebook album, then you’re in luck. The company PicTours has launched several photo safaris across the country, inviting photographers to flex their skills in places few have ever seen.

What exactly is a photo safari? A photo safari is a guided tour with a group of photography experts that will help bring travelers to photographically covetable places, and assist with workshops and advice. Even if someone is already a professional photographer, PicTours will help him or her save time finding interesting sights to take pictures. Plus, it’s always fun to be around a bunch of people with the same passions as you: traveling and taking photos of Iceland.

There are several tours to choose from, like ones to the Reykjanes Peninsula, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the South Coast of Jökusársló. Tours vary in length, with the longest being up to 12 hours and the shortest around five hours. But Larus Karl Ingason, the creator of PicTours Iceland, is happy to accommodate any location or length for a more customizable tour of Iceland. Click here to book your tour today, or email Ingason with ideas for a custom tour!

Check out PicTours’ Facebook and Instagram pages for more amazing photographs!