News Jul 10, 2013

Business Insider Features Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Stunning photographs capture the famous geothermal spa.

A recent feature from Business Insider captures the beauty of the Blue Lagoon with  “11 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Iceland’s Blue Lagoon This Summer”.

Located just 40 minutes outside of Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon is a remarkable geothermal spa known for its brilliant blue water, which is rich in nutrients and believed to have healing powers for a variety of skin conditions. The feature’s photo gallery showcases the lagoon’s mystical atmosphere and the unique accommodations that make it one of Iceland’s most popular attractions.

Even from the water, guests are able to take in spectacular views of the area’s dramatic volcanic landscape, which has played a key role in the lagoon’s creation: the spa was formed as the result of seawater interacting with magma deep within the earth. Today, visitors swim and unwind in the steamy water, which average 98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit despite Iceland’s much cooler air temperatures. The lagoon is large enough that even on busy days, visitors are able to find quiet spaces to relax and soak in the experience with an in-water massage or spa treatment, or indulge in the luxury of the spa’s exclusive lounge.

The Blue Lagoon draws around 400,000 visitors each year, and is open year-round. The lagoon is also offering the incredible Midnight Sun package for a limited time this summer, giving visitors the opportunity to indulge in the spa’s luxury while witnessing one of Iceland’s amazing sunny summer nights.

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Check out Business Insider’s  “11 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Iceland’s Blue Lagoon This Summer” for more beautiful views of the lagoon and its impressive accommodations.