Music & Art Mar 09, 2021

Brush up on your Knitting Skills with Icelandic Knitter Hélène Magnússon’s Weekly Knitting Series

Learn how to make a traditional Icelandic Lopi sweater with the new series on YouTube.

Hélène Magnússon is a leading knit designer in Iceland whose world-renowned patterns and designs have inspired many to take up the art form. Following the success of Hélène’s website, books, and videos, she has started her own YouTube channel where she’s hosting her first how-to series for creating a traditional Lopi sweater with step-by-step instructions. 


Her videos give her followers the opportunity to watch and learn specific knit-stitches and patterns in action.

Her current series, running now through March 26th, details how to create a traditional Lopi sweater, as well as how to steek (cut) it. Each video highlights different steps in the Lopi sweater knitting process until you have your very own finished product.The weekly videos are a part of a “knit along” with knitting enthusiasts from all around the world. The Lopi sweater in the series is also known as a Kristylopi and was inspired by fellow knit youtuber from New York. 


After growing up in France, Hélène began her professional life as a lawyer in Paris, before she made a complete life change and moved to Iceland in 1995. She learned the Icelandic language by working on a sheep farm and soon after studied mountaineering, textiles and fashion design at the Iceland Academy of Arts. Hélène’s experiences in her earlier years in Iceland helped shape her unique approach to design and sense of style. You may even recognize Hélène from our Facebook Livestream all about Icelandic knitting. During the livestream, she showed different knitting techniques and the wide variety of wool yarns she uses for her designs!

Checkout Hélène’s website and YouTube channel for more information!