Food & Drink Jan 28, 2016

Brennivin “Special Cask Selection 2015” Is On Its Way to the States

Also known as Christmas Brennivin, only 3,000 bottles were produced worldwide.

Brennivin has been a popular aquavit amongst Icelanders since 1935, and is considered Iceland’s signature distilled beverage. Each year a special limited edition Christmas Brennivin is released.

This year’s Christmas Brennivin, formally known as “Brennivin Special Cask Selection 2015,”  is on it’s way to the U.S. as we speak! This unique aquavit has been aged for six months in oloroso sherry casks and another six months in used bourbon barrels. There were 3,000 bottles produced worldwide, with 1,200 of those 750ml bottles coming to the United States. Each bottle is individually numbered, and that number can be found on the “Winter” sticker above the red Brennivin label.

The shipment is currently on board the m.v. Skogafoss on its way to the United States and can be tracked in real-time here.  Are you planning to pick up one of these limited edition brews? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting at @IcelandNatural!

About Brennivin
Iceland’s craft beverage industry continues to grow (good news for drink enthusiasts), but Brennivin has been an Icelandic staple for decades. The name, Brennivin, translates to “burning wine” and it is commonly referred to as “Black Death.” Brennivin was the first liquor produced by the Icelandic government following prohibition, and the U.S. began importing the spirit in 2014. If you want a signature Icelandic spirit, Brennivin’s history proves it will not disappoint.  

Brennivin is a clear, unsweetened aquavit made with pure Icelandic water and is flavored with caraway seeds.