Products & Services Aug 25, 2014

Borg Brugghús’ Latest Beer: Fenrir Nr. 26

The one-of-a-kind West Coast style IPA is made with sheep dung smoked malt.

Icelandic brewery Borg Brugghús has concocted a truly unique beer that’ll soon be hitting the shelves in North America. The West Coast style IPA, dubbed Fenrir Nr. 26, is the world’s first sheep dung smoked beer.


Due to the lack of trees in Iceland, residents often turn to sheep droppings for kindling because they burn well and for extended periods of time. Following this tradition, the malted barley for Fenrir Nr. 26 is smoked over a sheep dung fire for several days.

Food & Wine recently published an article on Fenrir Nr. 26 titled “Coming Soon to a Bar Near You: Smoked Sheep Dung Beer.” In the article, Food & Wine quotes brewmaster Sturlaugur Jon Björnsson, who describes the beer as “a lightweight IPA with fresh Citrus and hop notes, then comes a bit heavier taste from the…” you know what.

Food & Wine wasn’t the only outlet to notice this one-of-a-kind beverage: Cool Material included Fenrir Nr. 26 in its list of the 7 Weirdest Beers Ever Made. Among the Beard Beer, Bone-Dusters Paelo Ale, and Mangalista Pig Porter, is Iceland’s Fenrir Nr. 26. “The idea was to introduce some earthy notes to balance the citrusy hops,” writes Cool Material.

Thirsty for more? Check out this awesome Fenrir Nr. 26 video made by Borg Brugghús to learn more about how (and why) this beer was made. Although Fenrir Nr. 26 isn’t available in North America just yet, you can always enjoy some Brennivin in the meantime!